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Hugo Roppel

Founding Partner

Hugo’s experience with major “SC execution” companies, as CEO and Chairman (USA, Switzerland) spans over 46 years of his career. In 2001, he founded GLG (Global Logistics Group)  with its headquarter in Switzerland. The main objective is, to assist shippers in overcoming the social and technical challenges ahead. Like in other trades, the supply chain execution will be transformed in the coming years. The actual crises and disruption in the shipping and logistics industry, as well as the future use of artificial intelligence (AI), will speed up this process. Hugo will support and help clients, to transform their SCE organization into agile performing teams, prepared for future demands. Digital transformation including data model design, interfaces from planing to realization is part of our daily business. We understand the requirements of today and tomorrow, bringing fast (emergency) and long-term solutions. Although focused on structural issues and assisting in change management and systems, Hugo also specializes to support its clients in solving urgent cases, as fast as possible. Based on his experience and access to a global network of specialists, fast and discrete actions will be assured.
No matter the field; transport & logistics, legal, insurance, customs, compliance, cool chain, or structural organization, we are here to help!


Jean-François Hürni

Senior Advisor SCE

Jeff has been active in the transport and logistics industry for more than 40 years. He started his career in the operations and management of different transport modes such as air, sea, trucking and continued in marketing as well as consulting in several aspects of distribution or specialized transport logistics. As a company director, for twenty years, he participated in many projects, helping his clients to optimize the supply chain excectuion, the management of physical flows, the management of customs and tax flows and the provision of adapted logistics infrastructures.

Throughout his career Jeff worked in Switzerland, France and Germany.

He speaks French, German and English.

Worldwide network of partners and specialists to solve any issue on your behalf, no matter the problem or the location!

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