Handling trade compliance in a complex world is our speciality, for European and non European companies we setup the VAT representation and assist our client in the day to day operations!

Setup and maintenance of European Fiscality (VAT) services

  • For non-EU and EU companies

  • Registration of non-EU companies for VAT purpose

  • Setup of written processes for the purchases and sales team to handle compliant EU VAT transactions

  • Control, design and maintain documents and forms within EU VAT compliance

  • Monthly controlling and reporting of EU VAT

Trade compliance analysis and solutions

  • Customs compliance and classification at origin and destinations

  • Specific compliance and regulations

    • Commodity oriented​

      • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, ​Chemicals and other regulated cargo

    • Time oriented

      • Aerospace and other distribution time critical ​products

    • Care oriented

      • Valuables​

      • Vulnerables

      • Art and Historical Items

      • Sensitive documents

    • Agency oriented

      • FAA, OFAC, FDA, GDP, CITES support and solutions​